Monday, April 14, 2014

Egg-n-Spoon Races

My brother Matt and I are quite a bit older than our cousins.  I was 13 when the first one showed up, and there were 6 more after that.  After a few years, holidays got a bit rowdy.  Unfortunately I didn't discover ear plugs until college, because they would've been a life saver before then.  Some holidays were so bad, that I would go upstairs and lock myself in one of the bedrooms to get away from it all.  At least when it was nice out, we could throw them all outside (and we did).  

Thankfully, things are much better now that they're older.  Although, the youngest still can't have a normal conversation without doing 25 cartwheels while she's speaking to you.

My point is that sometimes kids just need an activity, and one that requires concentration is a bonus!

So I found these...
(And they have AWESOME reviews!)

Easter appropriate, and mess free :)
So you could totally do this inside.......if you want

You know this game right?  It goes a little something like this:

OR, you could buy a couple of these bad boys, and use your own spoons. When you drop or throw them, they "splat" and look like a real broken egg.   I've seen them at Michaels, and apparently some dollar stores have them too.  If not, you can order them on Amazon.  They don't have the best reviews, but if you only need them for a day, they'll be fine.
Someone said if you rinse them with hot water, they'll last longer.

Cool, right?

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Easter Favor Bunny Napkins from Party City

These are just too cute...

*image via Party City

Not that certain grown ups wouldn't enjoy these (uhh, ME), but can't you just see these at the kids table on Easter?  I think they would make for cute favors at a girl's April birthday party, too.

All supplies are likely available at Party City.  Except for maybe the ribbon.  You may need to visit the craft store for that one.  If you don't want to fill them with candy, Party City has a TON of small and inexpensive favors that would fit into the plastic eggs.  I think they make a great place to find stocking stuffers for kids too, so keep that in mind when December comes around again. What? Too soon? ;)

Go here for the simple 8 step directions on how to assemble these bunny favors!

Easter Piñata!

But first... A true story

*image from Pinterest

  I remember my first birthday.  It's true.  At least part of it.  My mom bought one of those 3-D bear cakes.  He was a Panda, and I loved him.  In fact, I loved him so much, that when she stuck the candle through the top of his head, and lit him on fire...I had my first KER-AZY nervous breakdown.  I remember thinking she had just killed my friend....right in front of my face.  

Many years later, as we were going through old photos, the one of me having a meltdown in my high chair next to my dead panda popped up.  At that time, Mom was still clueless as to what had suddenly gotten into me.  Fortunately for her, that memory is burnt into my brain, and I was finally able to answer that burning question for her.

On that note, lets beat stuff up.

 Ahhh!  I couldn't do it, he's too cute.  But thats just me.  

(Yes, I'm 30. Shush)

Anyway, I read this idea somewhere else, and I thought I'd share it with you guys because I liked it. 

 It goes like this:

Easter + Kids + Easter Piñata + Plastic Easter eggs filled with...whatever

However, I don't recommend this idea for crazy sensitive, animal loving, "everything has feelings, including inanimate objects" type of children.  I'm curious, do many of them exist?  Or did my parents just get lucky. 

State Charm Necklaces on Living Social!

You guys!  
Living Social is having an awesome deal with Cents of Style right now!  You've seen these state charm necklaces right?  I'm obsessed with them.  Especially now that I live in a cool looking state ;).

These cutesy necklaces usually go for about $25, but through Living Social, you can get them for $10 shipped!  Grab one or five now.  They make perfect and trendy gifts!

The way it works
 -Pay for the voucher on living social first (use promo code "EXTRA10" to make sure it's only $10).  
-THEN, go to Cents of Style and choose your necklace (add it to your cart).  
-When you check out, you will apply your voucher code to the discount box, and you're order will go from $24.95 to $0.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Easter Baskets + Moments of the Week

How was Easter at the end of March the past few years, and at the end of April this year?  I don't get how that works.  I looked at the calendar the other day and literally panicked for a second, thinking I somehow missed it.  Anyway, the good news is, if you are still looking for an Easter basket idea, you still have time to order one of these cutesy things from Personalization Mall.

Wouldn't these be cute for egg hunt baskets too?

I like this basket idea.  If you are looking for a way to thank or welcome a new family to the neighborhood, you could give them a personalized basket like this.  I like this spring/gardening idea, but you could put anything in there.  Breakfast goodies are nice too!  This would be perfect for a realtor to give as a thank you/housewarming gift.

Moments of the week....
Friday, March 28, 2014

Easter Ideas from Bethany Mota...and then some.

Hey guys.  Sorry, been a little MIA lately... between doctor visits, cooking "special diet" meals, and working odd shifts, I got a little distracted.   I'm working weekends too (for the first time in like 10 years), and now I'm a little confused on what day it is.  Anyway, I actually don't even have anything fun or exciting to show you today, but I found another Bethany Mota YouTube video with some cute Easter ideas.  Yes, I'm 30 and like to watch her videos (sometimes).  I just think she's adorable. 

*Edit* (kinda

Ok, I lied.   I remembered something.  I do have something to share with you.  Last week, I did come across something super duper freakin' cute.  It's another 'kid' gift idea, and it's perfect (although not necessary) for Easter.  This is new to me, but that might be just because I don't have kids, nor am I surrounded by my friend's or family's kids because we left them all in PA :(.

Her name is Abigail.  And she's a bunny.

She's cute on her own, but she comes with a book and a CD, and somehow that makes her "interactive."  Not sure what that all entails, but that's not what got me too excited, so I didn't look into that part much.  The thing that did kind of make me excited though, was her tea party set.

You can order these both on Amazon, but I found them at our local Hallmark.  

The basket, tea cups, and kettle are plush.  However, when you lift the kettle to "pour" it makes a pouring sound, and when you lift the tea cups to drink, it makes a sipping sound!  Also, the basket unfolds into a plush little table with place settings for your tea party on the inside, and will hold the kettle and cups when it's time to put it all away.  Too cute!

*image from

*one thing to note, is that if you have an older version of Abigail, she won't work with this tea set.  You need the newer Abigail.

Oh, and DUH... here's the book to go along with it if you'd like.  Kind of important if you want the whole interactive thing.  To be honest, I think the tea set is a great gift on its own, especially if you're on a budget.  You could use it with any stuffed animal/doll.  It doesn't need Abigail to work.  At least I don't think it does.  It worked in the store without Abigail in sight, but still.. don't quote me on that.

Hallmark (and Amazon) do have other interactive stuffed animals, but I think Abigail is the star of the show.  Here are a few others I've seen:

There might be others, but that's what I was able to find on Amazon.  We didn't stick around in the Hallmark store for too long (they had an entire counter dedicated to fresh chocolate/peanut buttery things... I had to get out of there), so I didn't snap many pictures.

Ok, now go enjoy your Friday.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Twinkle Toes

I'm such a sucker for sequins.

Ever hear of these?  
They're called "snoozies" and I discovered them today at our Hallmark store.  I heard a couple of ladies get pretty excited that they found them there, so I went in for a closer look :).

I stuck my hand inside of these slippers, and they were so soft!  I found them in small (5-6), medium (7-8), and large (9-10), and in a few different colors.  Apparently they come in extra large too, but I haven't been able to find them.  The options at my local Hallmark store were gold, blue, and green... but I found more color options online (along with a lot of great reviews).  

So, who can we get these for (other than ourselves)?  My first thought was anyone that's in (or going to) the hospital.  It can be a dreary place, and God knows those hospital gowns are nothing to write home about (unless you bring your own).  So here's my quick list.  If you have any other ideas, please let me know :).

-Expecting mothers (think shower gifts)
-Bridesmaid gifts (a fancy alternative to flip flops)
-Loved ones who are going to have surgery
-Cancer patients (pink ones for breast cancer)